About the Authors

Kevin Dwyer
Kevin Dwyer
is a freelance writer based in New York and the author of Kiss & Tell: A Trivial Study of Smooching. He was a contributing author for Failures of the PresidentsHistory’s Greatest Lies, and several other books. Kevin has taught writing classes at Hofstra University and Nassau Community College. When he’s not stealing Fiorillo’s jokes or writing, Dwyer spends his time playing the bagpipes and sharpening his wit. He can be reached at kevin@truestorieslaworder.com




Jure Fiorillo
Juré Fiorillo
is a freelance writer specializing in criminology and history. Her solo project Great Bastards of History has been translated into four languages. Juré was also a contributing writer for History’s Greatest Lies and Before They Changed the World. In addition to print, she has worked as a script supervisor and news producer. She has a master’s degree in criminal justice. Juré lives in New York. She can be reached at jure@truestorieslaworder.com