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The incredible real-life cases behind TV’s beloved, long-running series.

Amazing plots, flawless pacing, and a top-notch cast have been keeping fans of Law & Order spellbound for 20 years, making the show the longest-running crime drama and the second longest-running program in television history.

Ripping their inspiration right from the headlines, the show’s writers brilliantly fictionalize some of the most shocking, disturbing, and legally perplexing true crimes of our time, boiling them down each week into an hour-long drama that’s supremely entertaining and, often, educational.

True Stories of Law & Order and True Stories of Law & Order: SVU reveal the fascinating and shocking facts behind the hit shows’ most popular episodes—from the incredible account of how a woman’s repressed memory leads to the solving of a 30-year-old cold case to the high-profile investigation of transvestite millionaire Robert Durst.

And just like in Law & Order, the actual crime is just the beginning, as you follow these cases from the initial stages of the investigation through the trial and up to the often controversial verdicts.mugshotlineup_02


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